bye bye stageright...stageleft

life is change. get used to it.

sr...sl is gone (tho' the below link still works) -

all current ramblings can be found at www.atomicpop.wordpress.com



bye bye blogger.

yup, it's true. i've flown this coop. blogger, it's not you, it's m..., well actually it is you.
to quote prince:
"i dig u better dead!"
to quote siouxsie"
"i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you...drop dead-you stinking little creep"
ok, so maybe i'm being dramatic, but i gotta say - beta sucks. i've had more formatting challenges since beta went live; not to mention the a plethora of password/sign in issues and lack of a response to my emails. it's annoying as fuck i tell ya!
so, i've moved on over to wordpress. come visit me there won't you?
(please update your blogrolls/favorites)
i'm not totally in love with wordpress yet, but i like their system so far; it's clean, well organized and seems like just the ticket. it's kinda like a new relationship, i have ton's of hopes and dreams, but we'll just go slow and take it day-by-day. (wordpress is a hot piece of ass tho' - so i'm totally in lust).
plus i kinda like underdogs, and wordpress is an underdog to the behemoth that is blogger.
in the meantime, i'll leave this "beta" version of sr...sl up so that folk's can find me



mannequin heads can be creepy.

a big part of my job involves being around mannequin heads. now, these are not the type of heads you would see in macy's or sears - these heads are are used for training hairdressers. they come in all forms and types - heads that have full thick hair, thinning hair, kinky curly hair, boy hair (some even have facial hair and kinda look like jesus; just ask cb). they even have names - seriously; the first one below for example is named "erika" (that's how we order them; "give me 10 viola's, 15 amber's, 4 samuel's and 20 erika's).

these heads as a general rule do not freak me out (unlike my boss who seriously hates them). however, when your the only person in the bu idling on a sunday, and your co-workers are fond of using heads as office decoration - it can get a bit freaky when you see a head out of the corner of your eye.

this last picture is one of my favorites. last march, we did a huge hair show in london. at about 5am on the day of the show the various guest artists were arriving for final prep on their models. a friend of mine from germany who was in the show showed up with this 'bag o' heads" - in an ikea bag no less. i just thought it was dead-funny:

the night watchman however, he was seriously creeped out.

-32 - for fuck sake, -32

yup. everyone knows minneapolis is cold. no surprise there. the thing is - are you ready for this? - it's not what it used to be. time was (way back when i was a young guy in a snowsuit) winter would start in earnest sometime in late october and stick around until early april. that's not the way it is anymore... we really don't get winter until early january (4 or 5 cold days maybe in december) and it's gone by the end of february (oh, ya, and i walked 3 miles in the snow up hill both ways without shoes when i was a kid too).
that said, i'm just not fucking prepared for -32. it's just not right. on top of that... take a look at the dew point: -21. do you have any idea how dry -21 is? by way of comparison phoenix is currently +26
i'm ready for spring. way way way ready for spring.
thank buddha it will be +24 by next sunday. but wait, i'll be in sunny des monet on sunday (yay, it's supposed to be +31 in iowa next sunday). oh, and i have +32 to look forward to on the 27th (my birthday, feel free to send prezzies, i love prezzies). +32 is the average for the day (the record high was +64, of course the record low was -21 too, that could suck huge).
i love minneapolis 9-10 months a year - the best weather ever. it's just jan and feb i hate.
god i need to get to some tropical island.


smokin' aces

just home from seeing the uber-violent new film smokin' aces. now, i had absolutely zero expectations from this film, but i gotta say - i enjoyed the ride immensely.

for my more squeamish fans (or those who have trouble with graphic violence - hehehehe) this film is not for the faint of heart. it has about a billion gun shots and more spurting blood than your average friday the 13th film - but at the same time, it actually has a pretty good plot/story and characters you actually grow to believe (well, at least ryan reynolds).
oh, and there is more man-candy/testosterone than you can throw some wood at. i mean seriously - the guys in this movie are smokin' hot. every one of 'em, i've had a thing for for a damn long time.

starting with the adorable ryan reynolds. this boy is gonna make a damn fine daddy someday:

and then there's the title character buddy "aces" isreal; the humpy jeremy piven. even at his most coked-out scussiness, this man is fuckin' hot + he has one of my new all-time favorite lines in a movie (said to one of his not-so-smart thugs): you're looking at me like, like... i just asked you the fucking square root of something.

and then there's ben affleck. ben, ben, ben. i don't care how many bad movies in the past you made - i forgive you. just keep starin' at me with those baby blues:

and while he's certainly no cock-of-the-walk any longer; we have the smolderingly sexy andy garcia. this man could melt me with "hi":

rounding out the lead's - the impeccable ray liotta. does this man have a steely stare or what? it's as if he's got x-ray vision. dead sexy.

with just the smallest of cameo's (and a mullet to match) the ever woofy matthew fox made an appearance:
again with just a bit o' a cameo, the hotness that is peter berg:

i'm tellin' ya folks, this movie was one fun ride. great action scenes, fun plot twists and a fuckin' hot as hell cast.
my dreams are gonna be fun tonight! hehehe

junk mail of the day

got this in my work inbox:

-----Original Message-----From: Jill Deforge [mailto:dud@ramada.it] Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 11:39 AMTo: Aveda EmployeesSubject: Re: VIAoupGRA

Good day,

Viav_gra $1, 80
Ciav_lis $3, 00
Leviv_tra $3, 35

http://www.progenyid!.com ( Important Remove "!" )

just know there are a lot of odd things going on, and I dont like it...
Moodys right Sirius is right youve got to get in training for the
third task, straight away. And you make sure you write back to Sirius

what i wanna know, why the random harry potter bit? how exactly does that work?


ms transworld pageant

sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days - work is kickin' my ass with a huge show i'm producing next week in lovely des moines, ia (or as we refer to it des monet, the milan of the upper mid-west) with 7 other shows quickly on the heals of des monet (including the real milan - yea, sucks to be me)....anyway, had to share a quick conversation i had a bit ago with the booking agent for a theater in san francisco i wanted...:
booking agent (b.a.): i would love to help you out but i just booked out that date for the miss trans-world pageant
me: but we would be so much more fun than the miss trans-world pageant!
b.a.: no, i don't think anyone is as much fun as the miss trans-world pageant. in fact, we have a lock on that little market; we also have the pan-asian transsexual pageant coming up.
damn - we got shafted by a bunch of trannies. sucks to be us.


public service message

if you had knee surgery 3 weeks ago, do not, under any circumstance, forget that you just had knee surgery and then proceed to kneel on your knee (therefore placing your full weight on it) while assembling equipment for a show.